About 3 Leaf


3 Leaf Wellness Centre is the inspiration of Katie Stamm, a Massage Therapist from Edmonton, AB. Since 2006 Katie has worked as a Massage Therapist, treating clients with a wide range of conditions and treatment goals. Through her one-on-one work she quickly learned that Massage went beyond just treating the physical body. It is about creating a safe space for people, where they feel appreciated, cared for and heard. It is about creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation, using specific oils, heat, lighting and music. It is about creating an overall healing experience and feeling of well being for the client. 3 Leaf Wellness Centre was born out of a desire to take what she has learned in her own practice and expand it to a larger space, in order to be of greater service to more people. 

3 Leaf Wellness Centre, Edmonton Massage Therapy