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Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sunday Closed

Statutory Holidays - Closed 

Online booking will not allow for appointments to be booked within 2 hours. For day-of appointments and to book the infrared sauna please call (780) 489-5727

Online booking is not available for the infrared sauna. Please call to book this service. 780-489-5727

Reopening Update - June 22nd 

We are so grateful for the many messages we have received since the announcement of the Stage 2 relaunch date. In all honesty we are overwhelmed with this show of support and touched by the excitement you are sharing with us regarding our ability to open.

 I know from speaking with so many of you over the last few months, that this is an announcement that you have been eagerly awaiting. And, I am sure that you can imagine, we have been too.


We know that you have really been along with us on this journey. You have continued to book appointments with hopes held high and you have been so gracious as we have had to keep moving them further and further into the future. And, I must tell you that having the opportunity to connect with you over this time (even if it was to call to reschedule) is what kept me going. It was your kind words, support, optimism, and genuine concern for me and for 3 Leaf that has made this challenging time a little easier. For that I want to thank you.

Now, as much we are relieved and excited by this news, we also know that reopening is something we must do when it is right for us. We have been making our plans with the tentative Stage 2 date in mind, and as such are still waiting on supplies and equipment that we will need to open. We must also take the time to review and finalize our plans based on the requirements we have just received from AHS and any updates from our professional associations. We are dedicated to doing things properly and making sure your health is our top priority.


We know you have been patient; we know you need massage and can’t wait to come back, but we are going to ask that you bear with us a little longer as we make sure that we have everything in place to offer you our services in the safest way possible.


And so, I am excited to announce we will be reopening 3 Leaf on Monday, June 22.

We will follow up with more information in the days to come on the new policies and procedures that we will be implementing. In the meantime if you have any specific questions or concerns please email us at


We look so forward to seeing you!


Katie Stamm & the 3 Leaf team