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Information & updates 

Hand Hygiene
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Personal Hygiene

COVID 19 Policies & Procedures

We wanted to share with you some details regarding the changes we have made and the policies and protocols we have implemented.


These are things that have been introduced based on requirements from AHS and a number of professional associations we work with. It is important to remember that these are measures that will allow us the ability to resume our services in the safest way possible, for our staff and the clients that we serve, as we continue to navigate COVID-19.


So, what can you expect?



  • We will be in contact with you 1-2 days prior to your appointment to ask you a series of COVID-19 related health questions.


When you arrive:



  • When you arrive we ask that you remain in your vehicle until 5 min prior to your appointment. This is so we can limit our occupancy numbers and the interactions between clients within our space.

  • New clients will still be asked to come 10 min prior to their appointment

  • Please don’t come late. With increased cleaning protocol between appointments we are not able to extend appointments to accommodate late arrivals.


  • Please come alone to your appointments. If a parent, guardian, or aid is required they will have to follow screening protocol and if possible, should wait in the vehicle during your appointment.


  • Please try to limit what you bring with you. Your belongings, including jackets, will have to accompany you into the treatment room.


  • Please maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from staff and other clients. We have reworked our space and have posted signage to allow for distancing while checking in, out and while seated in our waiting room.


Check In:

  • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer

  • Mask use is mandatory for the duration of your visit. We encourage you to bring your own but if you do not have one, one will be provided to you.

  • Before every appointment you will fill out a COVID-19 health questionnaire


Some other things to note:

  • At this time we are not able to serve tea or water. We recommend you bring your own with you.

  • We ask that you use credit/debit and avoid cash if possible



The most important thing to do is to cancel when you are sick. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 including:

  • fever, fatigue, dry cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat or a loss of smell or taste, please call us to cancel.

  • If you have traveled internationally within 14 days, or

  • If you have had close contact with an individual who has a confirmed or presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19 please call to cancel.

  • Our staff will also follow AHS isolation requirements should they develop symptoms.

**We know this may mean we have to cancel weeks worth of appointments without notice or this could also mean we are without a receptionist on a given shift. We appreciate your understanding in these situations.


Steps we are taking to keep you safe:



We are introducing enhanced cleaning/sanitation between clients. Although these have always been things we have done, we are increasing the frequency and taking extra care at this time to wipe down anything that a client may have come into contact with. This includes: chairs, light switches, door knobs, counter tops, vinyl pillow and table covers, point of sale machines, pens, clipboards etc.



  • Our staff will also go through daily screening prior to arriving at work and then again, formally, when they arrive.

  • PPE- Our massage therapists will wear new PPE for every treatment including: surgical/medical masks, aprons and eye wear.

  • Our massage therapists (and support staff) will follow proper hand hygiene protocols. They will NOT be wearing gloves during treatments.


Although this is just a snap shot of what we will be doing, we are happy to answer any specific questions you have. Please send us an email to with your inquiries

**Our Infrared Sauna remains closed, as a Stage 3 service. Please see update link above.

Lastly, we just want to say, we know that when we open, things are going to feel different (they will for us too!) 


It is going to feel different to not come early and enjoy a cup of tea in our waiting room.


It is going to feel different to see our plexiglass stations and be asked to physically distance while in our space.


You will notice some new furniture and the new looks our massage therapists will be sporting. 


But mostly, we know that it is going take time to get used to having a massage while wearing a mask. 


We are in the business of trying to make our clients feel better... our goal has always been working towards greater health and wellness for our clients. We work with clients who range in age and vulnerability. From chronic conditions and compromised immune systems to clients seeking general relaxation. 


Working safely with our clients means we wear a mask to protect you, but we also need you to wear one to protect us ... and ultimately to protect those we serve after you, who need to be protected. 

Those who would prefer to stay home but know the conditions they have, that put them at risk, are also the reason they seek out our services. They need a safe place to find pain relief and care.


Lastly, It is a requirement held by one of our associations, and so is mandatory for us to implement. 


We know it will feel different, but we are committed to continuing to uphold the same level of customer service. Our therapists are ready to get back to offering their services, with the same skill and care. 

We all can’t wait to get back to the work we love and the community that surrounds us. 


We appreciate you understanding as we do our best to navigate this time as safety as possible. We can’t wait to welcome you back! 


Katie Stamm & the 3 Leaf Team

Price Increase


The last few months have had a negative financial impact on our business.

This, combined with our increased costs for supplies, additional equipment and the ongoing PPE required to protect our clients and our staff, has meant we have had to make the decision to raise our prices by $5 a service, effective immediately.


We have truly been back and forth on how best to deal with this. We have seen a lot of businesses bring on a health and safety fee to help cover expenses.

But, when we really sat with it, we knew that whether it is now or later, we will be forced to raise our prices.

We also recognize that many of our clients submit their receipts for reimbursement and a separate fee would not be covered. By building it in you we can account for that as well.


We truly wish this wasn't an announcement we were having to make, but it is the reality of the situation we find ourselves in.


We also know this is probably more explanation than we should share. We know that this is a step many businesses are taking and one that so many of our clients have encouraged us to take. But we also recognize that you have all been through so much, and that we have ALL suffered loses because of COVID19. So, we want you to know that this is not a decision made lightly or without you in mind, but one we feel forced to make so we can continue to offer you our services.


We appreciate you understanding.