Helping Hands Program

We understand that not everyone has the resources to afford massage therapy treatments.

At 3 Leaf we are so passionate about the work we do and the benefits that massage therapy can have on so many. It is hard for us to know that there are individuals in our community who would benefit from massage therapy that we cannot help because they cannot afford our services. With this in mind we have set out to create an opportunity for those individuals to receive a complimentary treatment through our Helping Hands Program.


Every other month we will select one recipient, from your nominations, to receive a complimentary 60 minute massage at 3 Leaf Wellness Centre.

Simply fill out the online nomination form and your nominee will be entered in for a chance to receive a complimentary massage. Nominations will be collected for two months at the end of which a recipient will be selected and then the next round of nominations will begin again.

As this program is designed to offer help to someone who can’t afford it, all information that is gathered for the nomination will remain private. We will not share their story or any information used in the nomination process. The recipient of each giveaway will not be publicly announced. We will contact them directly by phone or email to ensure their privacy. We would love to be able to let the recipient know who nominated them and will do so unless you request to remain anonymous.


We need your help to reach those who need it most. If you know someone who is in need of a massage please consider nominating them. Share with us their story and why you believe they should be selected. 

Additional Information: As this is a complimentary service recipients will have 60 days to use their session before it expires. As well, if a booked appointment is cancelled within 24 hours or the recipient fails to show up to their booked appointment it will be considered redeemed. Subject to change without notice.