Introducing Coalesce Natural Body Care

Welcome to natural body care by Coalesce which is available at 3 Leaf Wellness Centre. Coalesce is the inspiration of myself, Carol Bilodeau, a holistic practitioner. I come from a health care background with experience in both western and eastern practices for holistic living. I am passionate about creating superior body care products, which are natural and give the skin a healthy glow.

So what does natural body care really mean? It means we use ingredients that come from the earth. For starters lets look at the carrier oils used in our products. It is the vitamins, minerals and moisturizing properties that are looked for in each of the oils we use. Oils such as coconut, argan, almond, rice bran, avocado, rose hip, ect are all chosen because of their unique properties that benefit the skin. Many of these oils are organic and cold pressed.

Then essential oils are used because they come directly from plants and trees. The oils come from the bark, roots, leaves, stalks, flowers and resins of the trees and plants. Essential oils contain healing substances that are: immune-stimulating, anti-viral, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial or anti-parasitic. Essential oils also work with the sense of smell so that the limbic brain sends messages to the body to assist with the responses that the body requires. Essential oils can assist with relaxation, stimulation, soothing or balancing. When we use essential oils in aromatherapy, we tap into the vibrational energy forces of the oils.

A great deal of research has been completed for a natural peservative system that will enable our products to have a one year shelf life. We found a natural peservative of radish root and aspen bark extract that does not interfere with hormones or the nervous system.

Our product line is divided into 3 categories: Body care, household and outdoor care, and integrated blends. In each post I will highlight a product and explain in more detail what this product does for you and your health. Today I want to write about face and body scrubs. Thesescrubs are exfoliating the skin. We need to exfoliate because:

  • When we remove the dead skin it helps to brighten the complexion of your skin.

  • Exfoliating will help speed up your skin's natural process for cell renewal, which gives you healthier looking skin.

  • Exfoliating prevents recurrence of ingrown hairs.

  • Exfoliating keeps the buildup of toxins off the skin surface preventing the pores from clogging and breakouts of acne.

  • As we age we need to exfoliate more to stimulate the skin to make more new cells.

The essential oils also do their part in the scrub: Lavender and Lemon are antiseptic in nature, Patchouli and Clementine are deodorizing, Vanilla and Clary sage are very calming and balancing and Grapefruit and Lime are uplifting and stimulating.

So welcome to 3 Leaf Wellness Centre and the new home for Coalesce Natural Body Care. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your body care needs.


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