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Last post we talked about exfoliating and how important it is to get rid of dead skin cells. This month I want to talk about moisturizing the skin especially as we head into our driest months of the year in winter. You want to moisturize healthy living skin and not dead skin cells so after you exfoliate then you moisturize.

The best time to moisturize is right after the bath or shower with the skin slightly damp. At night is another good time to moisturize as that is when the body has a chance to rebalance and absorb the good oils and butters you have put on your skin. Hot baths and showers dry out the skin so if you can stand to splash some cold water on your skin just before you get out of the bath/shower, your skin will be happier or keep the water warm not hot. Also not having too many baths/showers in the winter months is better for your skin.

When we moisturize our skin we always hit the dry areas of the legs, arms, face but we may forget the areas that have very thin skin and are important to moisturize as well. These areas are: the neck, around the eyes and the cleavage areas.

It is a known fact that by moisturizing in general, the skin stays plump and this can help prevent wrinkles. Moisturizers come in creams, lotions and body butters. The difference is the amount of oil that is in each. Lotions are the least, then creams and last body butters. Most body butters have about 50% oil content. We at Coalesce decided to make a 100% oil body butter because our winter weather in Alberta is so dry and the skin really takes a toll during this time of year. Shea butter is good for restoring the skins elasticity, relief for itchy dry skin, and it absorbs without a greasy residue. Cocoa butter is a natural humectant, which helps keep moisture in the skin.

Our body butters also use the healing properties of essential oils to further assist with healthy skin.

  • For anti-aging properties and dry skin rose is a great choice.

  • For anti-inflammatory skin conditions lavender body butter will help.

  • If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder and feel the blues during winter months not only can you moisturize but gain the uplifting effects of the citrus scents of the creamsicle body butter.

  • If you want a calming scent, the cocoa-vanilla body butter will appeal to your sense of smell.

So stay moisturized this winter and enjoy the essences of the body butters from Coalesce.

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