Therapist Highlight- Jessica Tweed RMT

At 3 Leaf we want you to feel welcome, comfortable and a part of our business (actually you are the only reason we do what we do). So we got to thinking and decided that maybe we should let you get to know us all a little better. In the next few posts we will highlight a member of our team, ask them some questions and share with you their responses. Enjoy!

Jessica Tweed

Registered Massage Therapist

Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

Jessica- I was born and raised in this beautiful city of champions. It will always be home!

What made you want to become a massage therapist?

Jessica- There wasn't any specific thing, I just felt called to the profession. I would say I didn't choose massage therapy, it chose me.

Where did you take your training?

Jessica- I completed my education at Grant MacEwan College, now MacEwan University.

What is your favorite part of working at 3 Leaf?

Jessica- I actually have two- the first are the people; our team is a family- we just gel together so well! Also, our clients are exceptional and it's apparent they enjoy their time with us.

My second favorite part of working at 3 Leaf is the overall atmosphere- everything is pleasing to the eyes, from the color and decor to the clean lines and neatness. The space is just a breath of fresh air!

What is your favorite quote?

Jessica -"Your effort to remain what you are limits you" from the anime The Ghost in the Shell

And Lastly, What is your favorite dessert?

Jessica- Tiramisu all the way!!

Jessica's Bio

When asked why she chose massage therapy as a profession, Jessica can offer no explanation, as she believes that she didn’t choose massage — massage chose her. Inexplicably drawn to massage at an early age, she didn’t know her interest would later turn into a lifelong passion and career. After discovering that at least 50% of all diseases have a foundation in stress, Jessica has focused her practice on what she excels at — relaxation. Her innate ability to put people at ease helps her clients enter into a space of acceptance and peace.

Having earned her certification in Massage Therapy from MacEwan University in 2004, and as a member in good standing of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPC), Jessica enjoys bringing balance, health, and calm to the world — one person at a time.

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