To my Staff,

I am often asked why I opened 3 Leaf. There are so many reasons but the simplest is this.. it was my dream. I dreamed of creating a space that I wanted to be in every day. A space that my clients wanted to be in, where they felt they could escape and unwind. I envisioned a place that offered the best treatment possible, with highly trained therapists that really care, within a beautiful environment that nurtured a client’s experience from the moment they walked through the door. Why did I open 3 Leaf? I opened 3 Leaf because it was a part of the future I wanted to create for myself.

What I never anticipated was that I would be so blessed to be surrounded by a group of women that saw my dream and nurtured it like it was their own. The team at 3 Leaf is more than I could have imagined. They show up every day and put their all into what they are doing. They sit waiting for clients when none are booked, because they want to be a part of creating the foundation of 3 Leaf. They help me brainstorm ideas on how to grow my business, and they push me to believe in myself. They put up with my constant pickiness, I think because they know how much I care. They are passionate about massage, about the people who come into our business and about the group of people they work with.

I started 3 Leaf for myself but it has grown beyond just me. I show up now for my staff. I want to succeed for them and be my best for them. So I wanted to say thank you. You inspire me. You fuel me. You are truly the spirit behind 3 Leaf. You are what will take my dream and turn it into our reality. So let me take a moment and say thank you. Thank you for believing in me and for being the best staff I could have asked for. From the bottom of my heart.. Thank you

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