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February is the month of love. It is all about our hearts on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. So this month I want to talk about the blending of essential oils and using them to take care of ourselves first and foremost. We can not give and enjoy all that life brings to us unless we are taking care of ourselves, then we can open up and be open to others.

The first blend I want to talk about is a blend for relaxation. When you feel relaxed life feels more amicable and we are more aware to what is going on. What a better way to do this is by massaging the relax blend on your body either by a massage therapist, your partner and even by yourself.

If you are doing this yourself you can use acupressure points to help release energy and bring the body into a relaxed harmony. These blends come with instructions for the specific acupressure points to use.

The next blend is the rebalance blend which helps to bring the energy of the body back to homeostasis. This is also a great blend to use with massage. A unique oil called fragonia is one of the most balanced essential oils that comes from Australia and works on all levels of the body. You can also use this oil with acupressure points as well.

In addition to massaging the blends on the body it is also a good idea to place the oil blend just inside the nose. In aromatherapy, it is believed that when certain scent molecules are encountered, the limbic system processes the information and determines the actions that the hypothalamus will take. Depending upon the molecules encountered, the hypothalamus then, for example, might instruct the pituitary gland to release 'feel-good' hormones (endorphins) and trigger a change to the heart rate and stress levels.

So be good to yourself this month and open up to some unique oil blends that help you with relaxation, balancing and joy. Treat yourself, or together with a partner and add it on to a massage. Just ask the therapist to use the oil with the session. Happy massaging.

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