My Coalesce Journey by Katie Stamm

I started using Coalesce Natural Body Care two years ago. My main reason for trying it was to support my aunt Carol, the creator of Coalesce.

Carol Bilodeau is a holistic health practitioner with a background in health care. She is a wife, a mother, a grandmother and my aunt. She is a woman that has inspired me, counselled me and supported me. I could go on about how wonderful she is, but for the purpose of this post I will share with you what it is about her that makes her product the only one I use. Carol is a woman of integrity. You know when she tells you something it is because she has put thought into it and has done her research. She is someone who would never settle for an inferior ingredient just because it is what everyone else is using. Carol makes every product as if she was making it for her own family, with love and care. In short, she is a woman that you can trust. We carry Coalesce not just because it is the best product available, but because there is no one else we trust more with the health of our skin!

My personal experince with Coalesce Natural Body Care

Acne is something that I have struggled with since I was young. I tried so many products to deal with it and at one point I just gave up and accepted that I had “problem” skin that wasn’t going to change. Two years ago I switched exclusively to Coalesce natural body care. Now what I am not going to tell you is that the moment I tried it my skin magically cleared and I have had no skin care issues since. It took time and I still have the occasional break out. What I can tell you is gradually it got better and better and the break outs were happening less frequently. I started to notice the condition of my skin had changed, it felt more luminous, fresh and overall healthier. Probably the most dramatic change I have seen is the change in my scarring. I have had scars from acne and enlarged pores in areas from breakouts. I never imagined that using a cleanser would help out my scars, but it has! I can hardly see them anymore!!! . In the two years I have been using the skin care line I have seen more change than I have ever seen before. My skin is clearer and healthier than it has ever been.

When you are using a product change takes time. With Coalesce it is not just working to fix a problem, it is working to create healthier skin overall. Try Coalesce and support a wonderful woman who is working to change the standard of quality of our skin care while keeping it affordable for everyone. Do it for your skin!!!

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