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Massage Therapist Robin Campbell



In 2005, Robin graduated from Grant MacEwan's  Massage Therapy program. Over the many years since, she has honed her skills in therapeutic and deep tissue massage.Feeling truly blessed to have such a rewarding career, Robin will tell you her favourite aspect of massage is the opportunity to connect with a client and work together to create the ideal massage experience. She strives to tailor every session to each unique client and focuses not only on the alleviation of as much physical pain and discomfort as possible, but also allows space for the release of emotional tension, providing you with a sense of relaxation and overall well being.

Massage Therapist Alfred Lau



Alfred is a proud graduate of the Massage Therapy program at MacEwan University. He decided to train as a Registered Massage Therapist out of a desire to help people reduce their pain, relax from stress, improve their mobility, and find relief for their aching joints and muscles. While staying true to a philosophy of treating the body as a whole, Alfred employs a combination of classic massage, myofascial release, muscle energy, and other techniques.

"A great massage experience is not just from the efforts of the RMT - we rely on feedback and freeflowing communication with our clients to be sure we are treating the right areas properly, and that the pressure is just right. Whether your activity level is high, low or anywhere in between, I look forward to sharing the positive benefits of massage therapy with you."




Yuko graduated from MacEwan University's Massage Therapy program in 2021. After practicing martial arts for many years and experiencing significant pain and injuries as a result, Yuko discovered the many benefits of massage therapy in helping improve one's overall quality of life, health, and wellness. She was inspired to pursue a career as a massage therapist after moving from Japan to Canada.

Yuko is trained in various techniques including swedish, myofascial release, trigger point release, and more. She offers relaxation, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage, and looks forward to working with each individual client to achieve their treatment goals.

Massage Therapist Michelle Bullock



Michelle graduated of MH vicars massage therapy program in 2005.  She has many years of experience with sports and other injuries, and finds she enjoys working with clients that require a strong focus on rehabilitative and therapeutic massage. Her skills include reflexology, deep tissue techniques and many other modalities. 
Aside from being a massage therapist, for the past 5 years Michelle has enjoyed mentoring other therapists in her role as an instructor at a massage therapy school in Edmonton.
Michelle believes in the therapeutic benefits of massage and enjoys helping clients achieve their goals towards overall health and wellness.




Jenna is a 2023 graduate from Grant MacEwan's massage therapy program. She decided to pursue massage therapy because of her passion for helping people to feel their best physically and mentally. She believes in the importance of touch to help relieve pain and stress and wants to share that with all of her clients. Her passion for listening to the body ensures that every client will have a treatment that works for their needs.
Jenna is excited about her career in massage therapy and looks forward to working with you!

Massage Therapist Linda LeGrow



Linda is an experienced registered massage therapist and Reiki Master whose therapeutic modalities include: relaxation and deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, energy work, hot stone massage and aromatherapy blends. By taking the time to listen with eyes, ears, and hands, she uses both her client’s goals and an intuitive approach to implement effective treatments.

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