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Drop your gonch for the Bissell Centre

I have never thought to appreciate the simple act of putting on a clean pair of underwear. And then it hit me while I was getting dressed this morning and thinking about The Bissell Centres Drop Your Gonch campaign. There are people in our city in our own community that would love to be able to do something as simple as put on clean underwear. Understandably most of us would never have this thought cross our minds.. It's habit.. It's expected.. It's hygienic.. But what if you couldn't? What if you had to wear the same pair day after day for months at a time? What would happen to your self esteem.. Your dignity?

I cant even imagine. Just thinking about it breaks my heart.

So let's help the Bissell Centre surpass their goal of 2000 pairs and give as many Edmontonians the opportunity to put on a fresh new clean pair of underwear as we can.

We will be collecting packages of New underwear for the Drop Your Gonch campaign from June 6-11th at 3 Leaf. We would love your support!


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