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Teddy Bear Donation Drive

We are once again partnering with eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry and Accessories to support a local program in our city. This year we will be collecting teddy bears in support of AHS & Covenant Health Pregnancy and Infant Loss Program.

Sadly, everyday families leave our local hospitals, with empty arms and a broken heart because they have lost their precious baby. With your help we can give a teddy bear... to help fill those empty arms. These teddies are given, never to replace, but to represent a very wanted and loved baby.

🐻The Details🐻Drop off any brand new, small to medium, neutral in colour huggable teddy bears in to 3 Leaf Wellness Centre from Oct 1-27, 2018 and receive: A FREE pair of Eliasz and Ella earrings or a bangin bracelet!!!

Or join us on Oct 21st at our Teddy Bear Picnic wrap up event for even more reasons to donate!! (Event details to follow).💛

If you have ever been pregnant you know the thoughts and the worries that go through your mind throughout your pregnancy. If you haven’t, but have a partner, family member or close friend who has been pregnant I’m sure you can understand these worries as well. There is the stress you feel until you hear a heart beat, until you make it past the first trimester, the tests, the ultrasounds, and finally the delivery. You have likely heard statistics or know of someone who has miscarried or who’s baby was stillborn. And you pray the whole time to make it to your due date and to give birth to a healthy baby. But not every expectant parent gets to take their baby home, and some that do still end up back in the hospital, and leave without their child. For too many woman (and families) something happens along the way and those fears are realized.

Sadly, 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in a loss. At the Lois Hole Hospital for women alone, 1 to 6 Bears are given out everyday. Help us provide a small gesture of support and healing to families who have lost so much


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