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Santa for a Senior - London Drugs

We are so grateful to have been apart of the Santa for a senior program with London Drugs and Operation Friendship seniors society.

We had no idea that a post shared on our facebook page would help to generate so much awareness for this program and help to brighten the holidays for so many of Edmonton's inner city seniors. So thank you to our followers for your big hearts and thank you to everyone who took the time to share this post and to go in to shop for the seniors.

Having had the opportunity

to personally hand out many of these gifts I can tell you that this meant so much to so many. To us these may seem like simple items but to the seniors these gifts meant someone was thinking of them during the holidays and helping them by providing them with much needed essentials. They were so grateful.

For myself this is an experience I will never forget and a reminder of what the holidays are all about.

Thank you all!

And a big thank you to London Drugs for thinking of our seniors and making this possible!

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